Midwest Climate Resilience Conference


The 2023 Midwest Climate Resilience Conference program was designed to:

Conference Program

The links provide an overview of the schedule for each day of the 2023 conference. 

Shared presentations, slides and posters are available in the conference program pages.

Cross Cutting Conference Themes

The conference program was organized around several cross-cutting conference themes: 

Actionable Climate Science

Integrating traditional ecological knowledge, community science, and new climate research, models, and tools to support climate adaptation and resilience

Cascading Climate Impacts

Adaptation solutions that address climate change in the context of multiple societal challenges and drivers of risk and vulnerability

Collaborative Climate Action

Examples of multi-sector, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-disciplinary collaboratives, initiatives, and partnership approaches to adaptation and resilience

Creative Communications and Engagement

Increasing capacity by effectively communicating risk, opportunity, and resilience for community empowerment 

Equitable Adaptation

Integrating climate resilience with parallel social movements and grappling with profound questions of ethics, equity, and justice

Financial Solutions

Funding climate adaptation and resilience through public, private, philanthropic, and community-led finance mechanisms

Policy, Governance and Law

Building towards transformative change through effective and inclusive governance and decision-making processes